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Our first little step starts from here

Starting our journey at Jalan Hayam Wuruk in 1978, our father, Endang Surya decided not to follow his father's step to run textile distribution business, he pursued his passion in the tailoring industry. Since his younger years, he always admire the knowledge and skills of overseas tailor around the world. Which is why after studying overseas, he strived to bring professional and exquisite service to Indonesia.

Yet despite helping his father with the shop after school every day as a child and taking sewing courses in his early teenage years, Endang needed international training if he was to make the comfortable, stylish garments that he knew his customers desired. This took him to Hong Kong where he studied the very best international standard. Not long afterwards Endang's skills were recognized with induction into the Federation of Asian Master Tailor and World Federation of Master Tailor. 


With world-class tailoring and competitive prices Elegant Tailors' business grew quickly, Mostly at South Jakarta and especially in office area like Jalan Jendral Sudirman. In 1993 the company open a second branch at Jalan Wolter Monginsidi to provide better service. And as there is more demand for wedding suits and increasing popularity of pre-wedding photos, Elegante was created in 2005, a new team dedicated exclusively for these services. 


With even more diverse range of clients needs and interests, Elegant tailor creates the Elegance brand for Made to Measure Suits, its showroom is at Jalan Pasar Baroe(2013).

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